Pinworm Home Remedy

Pinworm Home Remedy

Pinworm home remedy

     For people with this disease pinworm home remedy is very important to prevent re infection and spread of the infection to other family members. Good pinworm home remedy includes the following measures:

  • Wash hands carefully and frequently. Frequent hand-washing before eating and after using the toilet is a part of pinworm home remedy and is very important for preventing the spread of infection. The soap will help remove eggs that may have stuck to the hands. Scrubbing your hands and nails a minute is recommended.
  • Mastering the impulse to scratch. Itching around the anus due to pinworm infection usually occurs at night. The pinworm home remedy recommend wearing gloves, pajamas, and close clothing may help prevent scratching.
  • Short nails. Pinworm eggs can get under the fingernails when scratching. Cutting nails very short may help prevent eggs from sticking. Discourage thumb sucking as this is the primary pinworm infection source in children.
  • Wash clothes, sheets and pajamas. Another important pinworm home remedy guideline is washing clothes and bedding and drying them at high temperatures from the first day of treatment may help prevent re infection. Changing and washing underwear and pajamas at least once a day may help prevent re infection
  • Bathe carefully and every day, if you want to ensure a rigorous hygiene of the anus area. This way pinworm eggs will be removed. Showers may be more effective than baths because you are less likely to ingest water infested with pinworm eggs

     Do not fan the sheets of an infected person. In the pinworm home remedy is recommended and even forbidden the fanning of the sheets and blankets of an infected person because this can put pinworm eggs into the air. They may be swallowed when you breathe through your mouth.

     Some doctors recommend thorough cleaning of the home such as foot washing, vacuuming and washing toilet seat after each use to prevent transmission of pinworms. Other doctors are not convinced that these methods are very effective. The most important goal in pinworm home remedy is preventing the spread of infection is important in households with children under 2 years or pregnant women because they are not allowed to receive pinworm treatment.

Pinworm home remedy - Note!

     Do not give albendazole to pregnant or nursing women without first talking to your doctor before. Pregnancy should be avoided at least one month after treatment with this medicine. Liver disease or impaired liver function should discuss with your current doctor. This drug treatment should be repeated at 2 weeks after treatment's initiation to kill parasites that have emerged during this time.

     In pinworm home remedy it is recommended that drug be taken with food.

     It is not recommend using other treatments for pinworm infection without talking to your doctor before. Piperazine and Pyrvinium are no longer used in pinworm home remedy but they can still be found in some pharmacies.

     These drugs treatments are commonly used to treat pinworm infection. Both are effective and have few side effects. If none of these drugs can cure the disease try other treatments.

     Pinworm home remedy is not recommended for pregnant, nursing women or children under 2 years without discussing with your doctor before about the risks and benefits of treatment. To this group of persons it is recommended the prophylaxis of re infestation rather than treatment.

     Most pinworm cannot be prevented. In most families with more than a child chances are high that at least one family member to be infested with pinworms at least once. Pinworm infection may not show obvious symptoms and often goes without any interference.

     If itching is severe the doctor may prescribe a soothing ointment to apply on the anus area. If there are complications of pinworm infection pinworm infections may need therapy.